Monsters At Large

A group of resourceful teens start an after-school business, “busting” imaginary monsters from under the beds and closets of their younger neighbors. Their new service seems to be a hit…until they come across a monster that is NOT so imaginary.


When a group of friendly space aliens crash land on Earth, they must disguise themselves as dogs to avoid any attention.  After being caught by a bumbling dogcatcher, the aliens are adopted by a group of kids who accidentally discover their secret.  It’s a race against time as the aliens try to repair their ship and get home before the dogcatcher discovers their true identities.

Always Look Back

On her first day on the job, NYPD cop Olivia Marsico caught New York City’s deadliest serial killer “The Red Line Slasher”.  To get his revenge the Slasher murdered her husband and tried to kill Olivia before she shoots him.  Seven years later, she is raising her daughter in a small down in the Florida panhandle.  Life seems simple until a killer begins copycatting the Slasher’s murders in her town.  Olivia must meet with the original Slasher to help catch the copycat before he kills again in this intense suspense thriller.

Dead Lost

A group of friends gather in an RV and head to a small lake in the woods for a weekend getaway.  What they didn’t plan on was the vicious killer lurking in the woods with the desire them all off one by one.  What would you do if you were trapped inside a claustrophobic RV with a killer waiting outside your door?